Rakeback for everyone

Rakeback for everyone

Last checked and updated: August 8, 2014

Getting ‘Rakeback’ can be a big boost to any serious online poker player, but it has not always been available to everyone.

Traditionally, rakeback has only been available to higher stakes players, and they needed to have a specific rakeback affiliate or program in order to get it.

Thankfully things have changed quite a lot in the poker rakeback world in recent years. Now there are online poker rooms that will offer rakeback to all their players with very little fuss about it.

Instead of having to find a good rakeback affiliate and sign up with them for stats and tracking, you can simply sign up directly with the individual poker room. This way when you get paid your rakeback it goes directly into your poker account and you can play with it straight away.

Now that really is rakeback for everyone!

Some online poker rooms will absolutely NEVER offer rakeback to their players. But they do offer deposit bonuses which effectively give part of the rake back to the player.For more details on the the best deposit bonuses check our Big Poker Bonuses section.

Which is better – Rakeback or Deposit Bonuses?

The answer to that really depends on the amount of poker that you play, or intend to play.  For example, the Everest Poker deposit bonus of up to $500 is equal to a rakeback amount of about 48%.  Of course, Everest Poker does not offer rakeback directly, but you can see that their bonus deal is better than most rakeback offers.

This bonus will run out and then you will be getting 0%, but they do offer reload bonuses from time to time. If you don’t get enough reload bonuses to make it worth you time playing there you can always take a deposit bonus at another room.

Rakeback is not so much of a headline thing these days as it once was. That is partly due to the exodus of players from the online poker game following the last crackdown which saw most of the remaining American friendly poker rooms finally shut their doors to players from the States.

Now those players from that country that are still playing online all know what they are doing and know how to go about getting a suitable rakeback deal. The barrier to playing online for all but the most dedicated professionals has seen the height of this industry come and go.

But it is still an option for players from other countries in the world and is still available at certain poker rooms. Some poker rooms, and networks, will absolutely not allow this form of incentive so players should be aware that attempting to get this sort of deal in a room that prohibits it will be grounds for closure of your account and the forfeiting of any funds in that account at the time of its closure. This can be a hefty price tag to have to pay – most players looking for this type of deal will have a substantial bankroll online – so be sure that any under the counter deal you may do has the approval of the room you will be playing at. It is probably best to not trust that just because it is not specifically forbidden that that means it is actually allowed.

There are sites that will welcome players looking for this option, and there is even one that includes this option for all their members – you don’t even have to request it, it will be automatically given to you as soon as you have earned enough points.

For the middle stakes player, sites that specifically offer you rakeback without the need to go through a third party player or site is probably the best option, and will pay out the most to you.