PokerStrategy No Deposit Bonus

PokerStrategy No Deposit Bonus

Last checked and updated: September 10, 2012 is a big site in the ‘no deposit bonus’ area of online poker, but they are a bit different to the other sites that provide free bankrolls.

All new members are offered free ‘starting capital’ of $10 and are given the choice of which poker room to receive this free cash at.

PokerStrategy Free Money

You can claim ONE bonus only but you can choose from a selection of rooms to receive this bonus in. The choice of rooms varies and some rooms are not available in some countries.

Having the choice of where to receive the free bonus is good, and you should be able to find at least one room where you do not already have an account.

In order to claim the free bonus at any room, you will need to open an account at PokerStrategy and then you will be required to take and pass a poker strategy quiz.

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Unfortunately, American Players can not get any free bankroll at this time.

Terms and Conditions

Always be sure to read the terms and conditions associated with any free bonus deal. Most of the poker rooms that are available for the PokerStrategy free bonus have conditions that include having the bonus amount removed from your account if you do not follow the rules.

Take your time when making your claim. Be sure to read the signup process and follow it properly. Taking your time at this point will pay off in the long run.

PokerStrategy Quiz

One of the big differences between the free bonus from PokerStrategy and other free bankroll sites is that members at PokerStrategy are required to take and pass a poker strategy quiz in order to be eligible to claim the free money.

All the help that you will need with the answers to this quiz is available directly on the site at PokerStrategy.

Experienced poker players will probably have more difficulty with this quiz than newer players. This is because the quiz is based on the ‘Short Stack’ strategy that PokerStrategy teaches all their new members.

As you will be starting with a bankroll of $50 knowing how to play ‘Short stacked’ will be a big help to making that money go a long way.

More experienced players tend to take the quiz without first reading and studying the available strategy guides from the PokerStrategy site. This is a big mistake, and a lot of those players fail the quiz the first time.

Thankfully, you are allowed to take the quiz five times in total.

Be sure to read and understand the strategy articles that are recommended to you in your PokerStrategy account. You will need to know this stuff if you are to pass the quiz and get the free cash.

PokerStrategy Elephant

With the Elephant, you can store your played hands in a database, analyze them in a multitude of ways and even blend your opponents’ statistics onto the tables.

Once members have 1000 lifetime strategy points they will receive access to this software for free. Lifetime Strategy points refers to the points system that PokerStrategy uses to calculate how much you have played at the various poker rooms. These points are tracked by the PokerStrategy site and are displayed in your personal account.

PokerStrategy ICM Trainer

ICM stands for Independent Chip Model, which is an advanced poker strategy for Texas Hold’em tournament play.

The PS ICM Trainer is another free poker tool that is available to all members of PokerStrategy.

It is also available as a ‘light’ version, which will train you in ten easy steps how you can use the ICM theory in online torunaments.

PokerStrategy Equilator

The Equilator is the third free poker tool available to members. It can help you to calculate ‘equity’ and your probability of winning any hand. As this is free to members, there is no good reason not to at least try it out.

PokerStrategy Community

Aside from the obvious benefits of getting free money to play poker, and getting some good free poker tools, the PS Community has a lot to offer in extra benefits. They offer weekly freerolls and other promotions to their members as well.

But what they offer in the line of poker strategy advice and training is probably worth a whole lot more than any of that.

As members progress with their poker playing, and earn more lifetime strategy points, new strategy articles and training videos are made available to them so that they can improve their game even further.

they also have a large and active forum for their members where you can discuss your poker hands and even get advice from pro players.

Start reaping all the benefits of membership.

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