S to Z

S to Z

Last checked and updated: May 13, 2013

Sandbag or Sandbagging.
Calling, instead of raising, when you have a very good hand. This is done to disguise the strength of the hand, in order to keep a player betting, and then to re-raise. Why is this called ‘Sandbagging’? Because it can feel like you have been hit in the stomach with a sandbag when it happens to you!

Second Pair
The second best pair from the board card. A player holding a king and ten, with a board showing Ace, King, Seven, Three, Two would have second pair.

A set is a poker hand with three of a kind. For instance, a final hand that has three kings would be called a set of kings.

A strong, experienced player that will take advantage, or prey on, newer inexperienced players is known as a shark.

Short Stack
A noticibly lesser amount of chips than the other players at a poker table is called having a short stack, or being short stacked. More common in tournament play, where you cannot add more chips to your ‘stack’ or chip amount.

Sit and Go
A one-table tournament, as opposed to a multi-table tournament, is known as a Sit and Go, or SNG.

A straight is a poker hand consisting of five cards of any suit in consecutive order, such as six, seven, eight, nine, ten of any suits. If the suits are all the same the hand is then a ‘straight flush’. A straight can be a strong hand, and is higher than three of a kind, but lower than a flush.

A straight flush is a very powerful hand, with only a higher straight flush beating it.

A Tight Aggressive Player – TAG- is a style of poker player. Other types include LAG, which is a loose aggressive player.

This is an unintentional signal or giveaway that a player may have that indicates the strength of the hand they are holding. If you know another players ‘tell’ then you have a ‘read’ on them.

Top Pair
Having a hole card that matches, or pairs, the highest card on the board gives you top pair, or TP. You could also have Top pair, top kicker (TPTK) if you match the highest card on the board, and your second card is higher than any card on the board.

The turn card is the fourth community card to be dealt in a game of Texas Holdem or Omaha Holdem. The first three card dealt together is called the Flop, the fourth card is called the Turn, and the final card is called the River.

Online poker room abbreviation meaning ‘Thank You’. There are many others, such as tx, tu, tnx, ta or simply t. Generally used in response to a comment such as ‘nice hand’, ‘nice bet’ or similar, this is simple good manners. However, some of the more rude online players will say ‘thank you’ to a player that might have called their all-in and doubled them up. That’s not a nice use of the term and should be avoided by the better player.

Online poker table chat abbreviation meaning ‘unlucky’. This is generally meant in a nice way.

Online Poker Table abbreviation meaning ‘Very Nice Hand.’ This is almost always meant in a nice way.

This is a common online poker table chat terms that means ‘Well Played’ and is almost always meant in a nice way, as a genuine compliment.

Online poker table chat term meaning ‘You’re Welcome’. This is generally used in response to a ‘TY (Thank You) or similar.

This term is used to express annoyance at the slow speed of another player at the table. There is no set number of z’s to be used. Generally the more z’s used, the more annoyed the player is. This is really only used when a player is repeatedly slow to act – not just when ever any player takes a few seconds.

Strangely enough, a player repeatedly writing zzz’s in the chat box can also be very annoying, and can slow up a game further.