O to R

O to R

Last checked and updated: May 13, 2013

This is a poker table chat shorthand term for ‘of course’. It is not specific to online poker. A chat term with a similar meaning is OBV, meaning ‘obviously’.

This means that two cards are not of the same suit. Usually used in reference to hole cards, if you had for example the king of spades and the ace of diamonds in your hole cards, you would say you had Ace King Offsuit. The full shorthand for this would be AKo.

This is shorthand for Out of Position. Not only used at the poker table, it can also be used in strategy articles and other discussions of poker play.

The number of cards left in the deck that can improve your hand. If you hold pocket 7’s and the flop comes A,K,Q with no flush draw, then the only remaining cards that can improve your hand are two 7’s. Therefore you have 2 ‘outs’.

Two cards of the same value such as two Aces. Can also be used to refer to two cards of the same suit, such as a ‘pair of spades’.

This refers to a player type, and means a player that does not bet much. It is the opposite of Aggressive. A passive player will call rather than raise.

This term means Pre Flop Raise, and is mostly used in poker strategy articles and discussions. It is also used in poker training software and other poker tools.

Pocket Pair
The two down or hole card that you are dealt in a game of texas Holdem are your pocket cards. Any pair in these cards would be a pocket pair. A pair of aces in your pocket cards are called ‘pocket rockets’.

Your place on at the poker table in relation to the dealer is known as your position. It is further broken down into early, middle and late position depending on the number of players between you and the dealer.

Four of a kind. Four of the same type of cards, such as aces. Some people also call this a ‘poker’.

The third highest card in a suit, after Ace and King. If you need to look that up, you may need to reconsider playing poker at all. We include it here as we have few Q terms. Queens is shorthand for a pair of Queens.

Useless cards. Cards that don’t improve a hand. A flop of ‘rags’ generally will have no face cards, consecutive cards or same color cards.

To ‘Raise’ is to bet. If there is a bet before you and you call that and bet more, that is a raise. If there is a earlier bet that you simply call, then you have not ‘raised’.

Ring Game
The name for a cash game of poker, as opposed to a tournament game.

This is the name for the last community card to be dealt in a holdem game, both Texas and Omaha.