K to N

K to N

Last checked and updated: August 8, 2014

The highest card in your hand that you are not using to make your hand. For example, if two players are holding two pairs of equal value, the fifth card will be used to determine the winner. This fifth card is known as the kicker.

For example, if you hold KK88A, you have two pair, kings and eights with an ace kicker. Five-card hands (straights, flushes, and full houses) don’t have kickers. In games that have community cards kickers can be very important as it is easy for two players to hold similar hands. For example, if you hold KQ and someone else holds KJ, and the flop is AK975, you have your opponent out-kicked. Your hand is AKKQ9 while theirs is AKKJ9.

A slang name for a Pair of Queens.

To ‘laydown’ simply means to fold, but usually refers to a good fold or good ‘laydown’ where it was a difficult decision to lay down a strong hand, but ultimately, it was the correct decision.

To ‘limp’ is to call a bet rather than raise. Usually refers to when a player calls the big blind with a weak hand in order to see the flop.

It can also refer to a player that calls the blind with a very strong hand, which would usually warrant a raise, such as ‘limping in with aces’.

This is an online poker room chat abbreviation for Laugh My Ass Off, which means to laugh more than indicated by the term LOL.

Online Poker Room abbreviation for Laugh Out Loud. It’s a way to express laughing at something or someone. Variations that don’t really make any sense are LOLOL and LOOOOOL. These don’t stand for anything, but are used to mean ‘very’ funny.

Some people think this means Lots Of Love. At the poker tables, it doesn’t.

Shorthand for the term Mate, meaning friend. This is mainly specific to players from the United Kingdom where mate is a common term. the M8 accronym comes from sounding like the work.

Main Pot
Only applies when the situation of a side pot has arisen. For example, a player that is all in on a hand, should there be bets and raises after they have gon all in, will only be in for winning or sharing the main pot, while those other players that have bet and raised after that player, will be in to win or share in both the main and the side pots.

A Maniac is a term for a very loose and usually very aggressive player, that plays almost any hand and usually bets and raises instead of checking and calling.

A common term now meaning Multi Table Tournament. The opposite of this would be SNG, which means Sit-and-Go tournament, normally one table but can be two, three or even five tables.

Online poker room abbreviation for ‘Nice Hand’. Usually used as a compliment when a player shows a particularly good hand, like a full house. Can also be used sarcastically, or ironically, when for example a player has won with an obviously worthless starting hand.

There are other shortcuts, usually two letters beginning with ‘N’ for nice. For example, NB in a poker context means ‘nice bet’ and NP while usually meaning ‘no problem’ can also mean ‘Nice Play’ when used in a poker chat setting. For those terms that have a double meaning, you will need to work out which one applies from the context of what just happened at the table.

Those discarded cards from the deck that are not in play and are piled on the poker table in a live game. It is also used in various poker software to denote that the player has folded his hand without showing his cards.