G to J

G to J

Last checked and updated: May 15, 2013

Abbreviation for ‘Good Bet’. Used at the online poker tables as a compliment on a bet a player has made.

Abbreviation for ‘Good Game’. Used at the online poker tables, mainly at the end of a tournament, or when a player has been knocked out of a tournament. You can say ‘GG’ to a player that has just been knocked out even if you don’t really think that they played well. It is simply good manners.

Abbreviation for ‘Good Luck’. Used at the online poker tables, usually at the start of a tournament. Sometimes used when a player is all-in for his stack and will be out of the game if he loses the hand.

Sometimes, mainly at the start of a tournament a player will say “GLA” which means “Good Luck All” or ‘good luck to everyone at the table’.

Abbreviation for ‘Good Play’. Used at the online poker tables. Almost always meant as a compliment.

A ‘hand’ is everything that happens after the shuffling of the cards – dealing, betting, a winner is declared and the pot is taken.

A hand can also be used to mean the five cards that you play with.

Heads Up
Heads Up means one on one poker. Simply, two players only. Can be either at the closing stages of a tournament, when only two players remain, or a table for two players only which some poker rooms offer.

Hit, as in “hit the flop” means the flop contains cards that helped your hand. Some players say “the flop hit me”. You could also say, “I hit my hand” meaning you drew the cards needed to make the hand that you had played for.

A related term would be ‘missed’, as the opposite of ‘hit’.

Hole Card
A Hole Card is one of your ‘down’ cards – cards that are dealt to you face down – in any game that uses face up cards, such as Texas Holdem, Omaha Holdem or any Stud Poker game. They are also referred to as ‘Pocket Cards’.

A related poker term is ‘In the hole’. As in ‘I had an ace in the hole…’ which also means down cards.

The ‘house’ usually refers to any and all aspects of the actual pokerroom. The ‘house’ sets the rake, and rules (house rules) where they might be different than normal.

‘House’ is also a term used for a poker hand, a Full House. A full house is a very strong poker hand, in which a player has three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank. A hand containing three aces and two kings would be called ‘a house of aces’, ‘aces over kings’, or ‘aces full’.

Implied Odds
The concept of Implied Odds is like “pot odds” but also accounts for further bets and calls. A player might call a bet at the flop, but have implied odds of making bigger bets on later rounds if they hit their hand. The implied odds therefore are how much it costs to call at the flop compared to how large the pot will be at the end of the hand.

To have your hand increase in strength from your initial holding, either by the community or board cards in hold em type games, or by drawing cards from the deck, in draw poker.

Should you have, in texas holdem, an ace and a king in your hole cards, with a flop of ace, king, seven, you are holding two pairs, aces and kings. Should the turn card be an ace then your hand has improved from two pairs to a full house.

Inside Straight
Also called an ‘Inside Straight Draw’. It means drawing to a straight where the card needed to complete the straight is in the middle of the straight. For example, you have 3-4-6-7 and need the middle card (5) to make the straight.

This is poker table shorthand for In The Money. When a player has placed high enough in a poker tournament to win a share of the prize pool then they are considered to be In The Money.

A lot of online poker rooms offer sizeable jackpots for certain things, such as ‘badbeats’. The rules vary from poker room to poker room.

In offline, or Bricks and Mortar games, a ‘jackpot’ is a variation of five card draw where the ‘opening’ requirements are a pair of jacks or better.

A 53rd poker card used in some variations of offline poker games. When used, the joker is usally ‘wild’, meaning that it can be used to represent any other card, so a hand with two aces and a joker is the same as three aces.

The addition of a joker completely changes the odds and expectations.