Poker Terms

Poker Terms

Last checked and updated: April 6, 2015

Get to grips with all the online poker terminology with this handy guide to poker terms. We have moved things around a bit and now there are more poker terms on less pages, which should make things a bit easier to find.

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The growth of online poker has given us a whole new set of words that are being used by poker players around the world. ‘Rakeback‘ is one example of a now common poker term that was unknown for most players just a few years ago, but rakeback is nowadays used almost as frequently as raise, bet and fold.

When you are an experienced player you speak and understand the poker lingo like a second language, but for beginners it can be very confusing trying to follow the chat at an online poker table. We hope our dictionary of the more common terms can help.

Along with the rise in the popularity of online poker, and the growth of the internet in general, we have seen the rise in internet-speak. Terms such as LOL are now part of the lexicon of everyday conversation. While a few years ago, that was not a known word. Though it is not an internet poker specific word, it is commonly used at the poker tables, as well as almost every other place where people talk online.

We can’t rreally include such common terms here – this is for poker specific terminology – as the dictionary would simply grow too big to be of any use, players should bear in mind that in recent years many non-English speaking players have come to the tables from the opening up of the eastern European countries. While English may not be their first language, poker is after all an international game.

Given the language specific issues, shortcuts and abbreviations that are almost self explanatory for English speaking players, will on the face of it make no sense when translated to another language. Accronyms that spell out English terms, such as LOL, make no sense when translated into the relevent words in some other language.

That can make the poker tables a daunting place for someone without the neccessary language skills. It would not do for those players to feel excluded from what is, and always has been, an international game. And you wouldn’t want to limit yourself from having access to their bankrolls now either, would you?

When you are playing online poker and find yourself repeatedly answering the same questions and explaining the same terms to new players, bear the above in mind.

One final point. If and when the Chinese take to online poker, the English speakers among the poker population will find themselves suddenly and massively outnumbered. Imagine how it would feel to be excluded from such a lucrative game when that happens, all because you couldn’t understand the chat at the tables.

Poker Terms

Poker terms dictionary