Poker bankroll offers updates September 2012

Poker bankroll offers updates September 2012

10 September, 2012

The below post is only two years old but is so out of date now that it seems like it relates to something foreign. In the intervening two years, the range of sites providing this type of bankroll deal has not changed much; some have come and some have gone, but the main players remain the same.

What we have seen though is a rise in the amount of poker rooms that are now offering this type of bonus deal directly to their new players, and sadly, we have also seen a corresponding drop in the value of the initial cash amount on offer at these poker sites. Back in the good old days bankroll deals of $50 were common – nowadays it seems that the most common offer is in the $5.00 for free range. Even so, for a player starting out now, this deals do represent good value. It is only difficult for the old timers to accept $5.00 when they were more used to be able to get $50.00 up front.

It seems that many online poker rooms have seen the benefit of this kind of deal of not only getting new players to try out their poker offeriing in an increasingly competitive marketplace, but they have also seen the benefits of cutting out the middle man in the deal, namely those sites that made a nice business out of handling the sourcing of the players and dealing with the qualification of those players to sort out the worthwhile from the not so worthwhile.

Those site, PokerStrategy, PokerSOurce and YPC being the three big ones, are still operating and offering good deals to their memebrs, but the number of new deals at new rooms, has not increased in years. Those new rooms entering this segment of the poker market are now choosing to do it all for themselves.

Some of the information in the original post is still valid today, but some is out of date completely, to the point where even the sites named there do not exist any longer, or are not operating as websites.

If you fancy a stroll down memory lane then have a read of the old post here;

The range of no deposit deals that is available to poker players has changes quite a bit in the last month.

First, the CelebPokerMoney offer came to a close after three years of faithfully providing a free bonus worth up to $199. That bonus had to end due to the changes at the iPoker network, of which CelebPoker is a part. We have high hopes that the guys behind this deal are busy working on an equally good one to replace it.

Following on from that, this month has seen big changes at PokerStrategy. Once the leader of free poker bankroll sites, PokerStrategy has built up a player base of more than 5 million by giving out $50 bankrolls for the last eight years or so.

Now they have decided to change that and are giving out $10 bankrolls instead. that’s a big drop in the money offered and might have a big impact on their new player numbers.

Thankfully a new site has entered this arena with a nice selection of poker rooms available and a solid $20 + $30 bankroll deal. You can check the details on our no deposit page here.