No deposit poker bonuses May 2011

No deposit poker bonuses May 2011

13 May, 2011

Well, this was big news back in 2011 when everything fell apart, especially for American poker players. But it is old news now, and people coming to this site looking for freebie bonuses should note the date on this post – it was a long time ago and none of the information contained herein is of any relevence in 2014.

The lanscape of the free poker bonus world changed significantly following the seizure of the American facing poker rooms, and the subsequent chaos in the online poker world.

Fast forward three years and there are no – and I mean No – free bonuses availabel to those players now.

Up until recently, you could find the occasional offer at sites like Bovada which still accepts players from the U.S., but today even those deals are no longer available.

The shakeup from 2011 is not to blame for that though. No, it is the ongoing effort to spread legal online poker out from New Jersey to the rest of the states. How successful that will be remains to be seen, but in order to not fall foul of any law or Governmetn agency that might prohibit sites from operating in a legal US environment, most operators are shying away from even touching the non-legalized segment of the poker market these days.

That really is unfortunate, and is still a bit of a gamble. As an example of what the operators are thinking right now, we should look at the Poker Stars deal that they completed with the authorities in the States, which included the payment of a massive fine in excess of $200 million dollars. Party Poker did the same thing way back in the day, and are no closer to being allowed operte accross the states as they were back when they paid all that money.

Still, the prospect of being allowed to legally offer their services to what is perceived to be the biggest and most lucrative online poker market keeps all thse companies in line, and now even mid sized operators won’t touch an American player for love nor money.

The old post now reads like something from a history book;

Following the shake up in the online poker world with the top poker rooms pulling out of the US market last month, there have been some changes in the available no deposit poker bonuses.

Any site offering a free bonus at Absolute Poker or UltimateBet has stopped those promotions now.

Further to that, PokerSource, who have a free bankroll offer at the still US Friendly Bodog poker room, have restricted American players from applying for that.

Thankfully for American players PokerSource have added a new free bankroll offer at Minted Poker of $25 free for qualifying players. This is only available to US players though.

Minted Poker is on the Everleaf gaming network which still accepts American players.

All free bonuses at Full Tilt have also either been stopped, or are processing indefinitely.

Likewise, any free offer that was available at Cake poker has now been finished.

Sites such as PokerStrategy have not been affected by these events as they did not accept American players before this anyway. Even so, PokerStrategy has still stopped offering their free bankroll at Cake Poker.