FullTilt Poker not operational

FullTilt Poker not operational

FullTilt Poker not operational

29 June, 2011

FullTilt poker has had their license suspended today which means that they can not operate as an online poker site right now. Hearings into their affairs are scheduled for the last week in July, so don’t expect a quick resolution to this.

Full Tilt Folded

Full Tilt Folded

FT have yet to issue a statement, but their options seem limited right now. Unless they pick up a gambling license somewhere pretty quickly their players are undoubtedly going to find a new home. A month is a lifetime in the world of internet poker.

There will be knock-on effects of this development for those sites that were offering no deposit bonuses at Full Tilt. Sites doing so included PokerSource and PokerStrategy.

PokerStrategy reacted very quickly and today replaced FullTilt with a free bonus offer at Everest Poker.

PokerSource have not removed their FT offer from their site yet but you can be sure that it is no longer available.

As always we have the latest list of no deposit poker bonuses here.

This post from 2011 is still getting traffic and views so this is a quick update just in case you are one of the last poker players on the planet to be unaware of the further FullTilt story.

After a prolonged downtime, and subsequent legal battles and discussions with the US government authorities, the old Full Tilt poker room ceased to exist, closed it’s doors, gone.

PokerStars, the biggest online poker room, stepped in and bought the brand and the player base. Note that they bought this from the US government more so that from the old owners of FT, who are in a whole other situation. You see, the room fell apart due to mismanagement of player funds on a massive scale. Paying money to those owners when they had effectively stolen from their players was never going to be part of any deal.

So Stars bought the rights to the brand and the list of players. As part of the deal they agreed to make good on any player funds that had been, notionally, with Full Tilt at the time that they closed down. So the player funds were the number one priority for the people making the deal. Kudos there.

The deal even included the funds that related to American players, who technically should not have been playing on the iste in the first place, but obviously were.

It took quite a while for everything to be ironed out, and some more time for all that had been agreed to be effected by the new owners. But it all was done by 2013. And now we have Full Tilt 2.0, operating as normal, except they no longer allow American players to play there.

The site is now owned and operated by PokerStars, though the two rooms operate independently. Most players that have an account on one of the rooms, already had an account at the other roos anyway, as these were the two most popular online poker rooms before everything fell apart.

And that, in essence, is that.

FullTilt Poker not operational