FullTilt no deposit bonus

FullTilt no deposit bonus

22 May, 2013

Wow, this post is so outta date!

That FT bonus came and went, and came again, and then morphed into something … less. And then changed again.

It was difficult to keep up with all the changes that this particular freebie offer went through, so in the end we just gave up.

At one stage the actual amountof the free bonus, which was advertised as being $25, was in reality about £1.10 for most playrs, provided that they could play within the restrictions that applied. The biggest problem with this deal was, I think, the fact that while advertised as a certain amount for free, no deposit required, such as $25.00, players did in fact have to make a deposit to get a part of the bonus. The initial amount of the offer, starting with a $1.00 tournament token, did not require a deposit, that is true enough.

And depending on how well you managed with that initial free tourney token, the next few $1.00 tokens also required you to deposit nothing. But the bulk of the deal, I think it was about $14 out of $25 was only released to you after you had in fact made a deposit of your own money.

So, clearly, it was not a proper no deposit required bonus deal, regardless of what the advertising copy would have you believe.

Anyway, the upshot was, while we love real free no deposit bonuses, and always have done, since 2006 when we first started covering them on here, this offer never really fit into that description for us, and finally, after many changes, and the continued reduction of the amount that was actually available for free, we decided to just give up on this one.

Perhaps we should have stuck with it, it just seemed like a lot of work for the player in return for very little. And all that when there are much better, really free, deals still out there. Should the terms cahnge – yet again – but this time in the favor of the player, then we most certainly will add them back here.

Until that happens, here’s what we originally had to say;

fulltilt poker 10 freeThe new FullTilt poker room are offering a free bonus of $10 for all new players for a limited time only.

FullTilt is now a part of Poker Stars, but is operated as a seperate poker room. New players can get $10 in tokens without having to make any deposit.

The $10 (actually, $10.30) comes in tokens for tournaments and cash games. The cash game tokens, two tokens worth $2 each, is effectively the same as $4 cash, and the balance is for tournaments and sngs.

This promotion is for new players only. Unfortunately, the new FullTilt poker room does not accept U.S. players.

You should receive the tokens within 6 hours of creating your new account, and you have seven days to use the ring game tokens, and up to 30 days to use the tournament tokens.

This promotion was only available until the 30th of June, 2013, when a new version of the deal was made available.

You can get the bonus directly from FullTilt.