FBNPoker.com 2018

FBNPoker.com 2018

2 March, 2018

FBNPoker.com started out in 2006 as a guide to online poker no deposit bonus offers.

For over eleven years we searched for and published as many of these no deposit poker bonuses as we could find. Real no deposit offers, no trickery or false advertising.

Having evolved along with the search engines (meaning we got penalised and recovered, multiple times) the sad truth is that there is no longer any significant amount of these bonuses available.

Having struggled for some time with finding new offers, and having the old reliable offers fold up one by one, we have decided to close the site and rethink what we should be about.

We may re purpose it if we think that we can add value to any aspect of online poker for players. If we don’t think that we can achieve that then we will close it permanently.

I guess it is appropriate to say now “so long, and thanks for all the fish”.