Bodog Poker rebranding

Bodog Poker rebranding

9 December, 2011

Bodog Poker is going through some changes right now, and are due to re-brand early in 2012. Part of that effort will be to exclude US based players from their poker room, but that should coincide with a new US facing poker room being launched. It is all still a bit confusing.

Bodog recently launched their ‘anonymous’ poker tables, which were meant to protect their players from sharks and players using data mining software to get an edge. Unfortunately, it turns out that the anonymous tables were easily hacked, and the supposedly hidden data was visible to players who knew how to get it. Which probably gives an increased edge to clued in players, instead of the intended effect.

They responded by banning the player who had brought this to their attention. And that has led to a backlash from players, which seems to have caused a surge in withdrawals recently, as Bodog has twice extended their payout periods in recent weeks. Of course, that could also be due Bodog no longer accepting American players by the years end.

All in all the news about Bodog is not good right now, and it might be best for players to adopt a ‘wait and see’ attitude to this room. It might be prudent also to request any funds you may have in there.

Update for 2014
Bodog did indeed rebrand their poker room with all the changes taking effect at the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. As we said, all American players were moved from the old Bodog site to a newly created poker site called Bovada. This new poker room was created specifically to cater to the US players that were previously playing at Bodog. In fact, this new poker room is so American player specific, that they do not allow players from any other country to play there.

As with the existing Bodog software, the new site does not allow data mining either, and this means that we cannot tell how many players are on the new site at any time. That is because we are not from the U.S. so we cannot create an account, and log in to look at the number of active tables and players online.

From that distance then, we can only say that as this site launched in 2012 and it is still operational two years later, they must have enough players on there to keep the site sustainable, and they must have enoiugh activity for their players to be able to get a game there.

That is about all we can say about this.

Sadly, the environment in the USA has still not been resolved to the extent that online poker is once again legal there, and until that happens the number of sites that are willing to allow those players to play poker online is still very low.

Those sites that do accept these players, most probably know that once legal poker in the States becomes a reality, they will most likely have to shut their virtual doors. That is because, by continuing to operate in teh current legal environment, they are incurring the wrath of the authorities over there, and there is no way in hell that they will ever get a licence to operate when those licences become available.

that is just a guess though. The people behind Bovada and Bodog ahve seen a lot of changes over the years as they have been online nearly twenty years now. They most likely will have some sort of contingency plan for when the laws are finally in place to fix this mess once and for all. We will jsut have to wait and see what happens.