Betfair poker Live! London

Betfair poker Live! London

31 January, 2012

Congratulations to Betfair Poker Player YaBuffoon who has won a ticket (worth $120) to qualify for the next Betfair Poker Live! event.

YaBuffoon won the ticket by finishing itm in the Betfair Special Freeroll last Friday and now has an opportunity to qualify for a full package for the Betfair Poker Live! event in London this February.

The London Live! event will take place in the Fox Club between the 17th and 19th of February, with a buy-in of $600+$50.

You can still qualify for this event by playing in any of the satellite tournaments or sit ‘n goes that are being run daily on Betfair Poker. These are ‘steps’ satellites so you can buy in for very little at the lowest step and work your way through the levels to get to one of the two remaining online qualifier tournaments.

Even the banner no longer works, this is so out of date, and we had to take it down. A relevent banner would have been nice for posterity, but this one was flash, served directly from Betfair, and they removed it. Sigh.

The next online qualifier will run on the 5th February with the final one running on the 12th February. There is still plenty of time to qualify and get to the Live! game in the Foz Club, London.

Betfair are still offering new UK players £5 for free, and you can also avail of an exclusive offer to get free poker training from MyGame. You can get all the details through this link.


As part of our ongoing effort to keep the information on this site current and of relevence to our reasers wer are goiing through old posts and articles to update any details that need to be updated, and correctly any information that is no longer accurate.

However, as we go through the pages of the site we are finding that not all posts and articles lend themselves well to being updated, and in some cases it might serve the reader better to just delete them. But this post we do want to keep up. While the reported tournament is no longer running, and therefore you cannot qualify shouldl you wnat to, we were at the time immensely proud of the achievement of our Betfair Poker Player YaBuffoon who managed to qualify from a free money offer. And we are all about the value of free money offers for our players.

So even though its relevence is long gone, and it holds no value or interest to any player any more, we decided to keep this post up on the site. Do note that the tourney qualification procedure is offer and yo can no longer apply for this.

If this kind of tournament is your thing then there are many other opportunities for easy qualification to headline events, so you can still have your chance to be immortalized in a blog post on this site, and as you can see, if that should happen for you we won’t ever delete it!

On a final, sneaky, note, we might delete it. But most people won’t know that we did, if we do.