Last checked and updated: August 8, 2014

Originally, InstaDebit at its launch was only available to Canadian residents. They have been adding new countries that this service supports, but fairly slowly, and they have no where near the reach of other similiar online payment services.

At the time of writing, 2014, the list of countries that can open an account with this company is small and includes Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, and Sweden.

They do offer local banking services in more countries, but not nearly as many countries as are serviced by the bigger names in this business, such as Neteller.

If you are able to open an account with this company though, there are some great benefits to be had. One of those benefits that beats their competitors hands down is their fees schedule for depositing and withdrawing. There are none. No fees. That it not soomething that any other similiar operator offers.

Setting up a InstaDebit account is pretty easy. And best of all, it’s completely free. There are no fees charged for depositing or withdrawing your money.
Go to the InstaDebit site at and register. Then you will need to connect your bank account to your InstaDebit account. They will verify your identity by making a small deposit into your bank account and then you need to confirm the amount of this deposit.

You can only fund your InstaDebit account with your bank account at this time.

So the positives associated with this online payment method are that it is fast and easy to use, once you have completed the initial setup process, it is very easy to withdraw your funds back to the real world. Using this is as safe and secure and you would hope, and possibly safer than using your credit card online.

On the negative side the short list of available countries is a big problem for a global internet population. While it does take a few days to get your account set up initially, this is tru of almost all online payment business, so that is not really a negative at all. It is more just something that you should be aware of. By far the biggest negative with this payment business is the fact that you can only deposit using your bank account. Your InstaDebit accoutn can only be funded by transfer from your linked bank account. You cannot even use your credit card to fund your account. This is incredibly limiting and does not compare well to other such business. It will be a personal choice regarding whether the low fees associated with this method will outweigh the lack of funding options.

This service is not as widely accepted as some other businesses in this sector, especially so when it comes to online gambling and online poker in particular. But it is growing in acceptance among poker site operators, and more and more you will see it in the list of available deposit options, more so if you are from a supported country of course.

On balance, if you are from a country that is eligible to use this service, the lack of standard fees makes it worth your while to get set up here. Even if you only plan to have an account here as a backup service, it is only a small inconvenience to have to go through the set up procedure to have the benefit of having an alternative payment method available to you should anything ever go wrong with your preferred method of transferring your funds online.

Should you choose to use this online account service, you can be assured of complete security on their site, and acknowledged excellent customer service.