Last checked and updated: August 8, 2014

This would be a great poker deposit option, except that it is accepted at very few online poker rooms. PokerStars was the most notable poker room that did accept eChecks. Not only that, but they accepted them from American players too. Sadly that is no longer the case as PokerStars no longer operates in the Unoted States of America.

An eCheck is very simple to use. It is the same thing as writing a check; except you are doing it online as an electronic check. This is probably the most convenient and easy way to make a deposit if the method is available to you. You can also find online casinos and other online gambling operators that will accept this form of onliine deposit.

The positive aspects of echecks include the ease of use, speed, and safety of using this as an online deposit method. Also, and this is a major positive, there are no extra fees involved with this option.

While those positives are attractive, the list of negatives does, I think, outweight the positives to the poiint where this is not a widely popular or viable method for online gamblers.

For a start, even today only a limited number of poker rooms accept echecks. That in itself is enough to put this option far below those more established payment providers online. To add to that, just like real world checks, plaeyrs cannot cash out their winnings until their echeck has cleared. Once cleared though the funds can be transferred to your offline bank account with ease.

The main benefit os this an a payment option is in the security of use. This is touted as being the most secure online payment method yet invested. So much so that the US goverment treasury department uses them to make large payments online.

Where they are accepted in online gambling sites, the extra security in your transactions goes some way to the added inconvenience of ahving to wait for your funds to clear, both on the way in and the way out. The internet population expects things to happen instantly, and this service will disappoint accordiingly.

Other online payment processors use the fact that transactions are processed instantly as a major selling point. Compared to the set up and verification procedure involved in setting your self up to use echecks or another online service, there is no real advantage there for echecks.

All in all, as an online payment service in a more and more ‘instant’ internet world, this option will not suit most online gamblers. When you couple that with the need most gamblers have to manage their funds properly in order to take advantage of profit opportunites, echeck is never really going to suit most players. It would be too bad to watch a limited offer bonus or other profit opportunity slip away while you waited for the necessary funds to clear through the echeck process.

The bottom line is that if you have no other option, then by all means use echecks. They are safe and secure, just not convenient enough for those that have other, faster options available to them.