Last checked and updated: September 29, 2014

This is an update for September, 2014. This service is closing down, and will no longer be available for online payment processing. For more details there is an indepth article about it here No reason has been given for this unexpected move, so far at least. Your funds should be safe, but if you do have funds with this company then you will need to take action to reclaim them.

As ever, I have left the original review in place, but be aware that it is no longer relevant.

Click2Pay is very similar to Neteller, in that it is an online wallet provider. It is not quite as big, but still is offering the same idea.

Unfortunately, they no longer accept US customers.

It is very easy to use, and you can make deposits and withdrawals very easily.

You can fund your Click2Pay account with with Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Direct Debit, Bank Deposit and Bank Wire.

As an online wallet, also known as an ewallet or electronic wallet, Click2Pay is quite similiar to more well known businesses in this area, such as Neteller, though they are not quite as big just yet. There are many reasons why you would choose to use one of these seervices over the more traditional credit card or bank transfer options. These ewallets are very easy to use, and as safe and secure as using your credit card online – actually in some ways they are more secure than traditional credit cards. And of course they are accepted in the places you want to play, the online poker sites.

On the other hand, it does take a few days to get your account set up, what with the initial verification procedure and so on. As well as that, these methods in general, and Click2Pay in particular, are not supported by all online gambling sites. But by far the biggest problem with this business is that they do not American customers.

Once you are set up with an account here, and have created your poker account and made your deposit using this method, then withdrawing your winnings back to your account here will be a breeze. transactions, both going in to the poker room and coming back out, should be instant, or nearly instant.

There are fees associated with both funding your account initially, and in withdrawing yoru money from this account back to your bank or credit card. There are always fees of course, but the C2P fees seem a touch on the high side compared to some other of these service providers.

For players that came to online gambling with their MasterCard in their hand ready to play, and were subsequently disappointed when they found that they could not use that card at any online gambling site, this is an option. Creating an account here and funding it with your MasterCard is a real option, just involving one extra step to get started. Once you have completed the signup and verification process, using this service will be just as good as you had thought using your credit card would be. And in reality it will be better, because you can control the amount of funds in your account, whereas giving your cc details out on the internet can be costly should anything go wrong and you have a high credit limit on your card.

As an online payment service, this company is much better than the traditional transfer methods involving the banks, but it is not yet as widely accepted as the more established businesses in this field, such as Neteller. Even so it is a viable option for funding your online gambling activity.

Due to the fees involved in transactions using this payment provider, you won’t find the lower limits for deposits or withdrawals to be quite as low as some other, cheaper services.