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Online Bingo Resource

Last checked and updated: April 6, 2015

Online Bingo

Few games have made such a big impact as online bingo in the last year – it’s literally ripped through cyberspace and left us with countless great looking bingo parlours. If you’re the latest person to see the flashy ads on TV and the web and are tempted to give it a spin – read our quick-fire bingo FAQ to help you decide…

What is bingo?

Bingo is the world’s most entertaining lotto game – famous all over the globe. There are two main types of bingo, 90 Ball and 75 Ball Bingo, each with slightly different rules, features and winning combos. Online bingo is played with bingo cards, and the aim is to simply mark off your numbers as the bingo spinner delivers ball after ball. Essentially, online bingo is a game of luck, but you can win frequent payouts and for the lucky few – huge progressive jackpots!

Should I play 90 Ball or 75 Ball Bingo?

It’s completely up to you. 90 Ball Bingo always uses the same patterns and always has three ways to win by matching 1-line, 2-lines and the Full House. In contrast, 75 Ball American style gaming delivers random patterns and payouts. However – by selecting a good bingo parlour, you don’t have to choose because they offer both versions of the game!

Isn’t bingo just for old people?

This idea was left behind years ago – you only need to hear about all the celebs playing bingo to see that the game’s now got serious street cred – among both the young and the old! In fact, the web has really upgraded bingo and made it very attractive to younger generation, with cool interactive chat screens and powerful elements of social networking.

Are the games fun?

Absolutely yes – bingo gaming is very enjoyable (that’s the whole point of it). The best gaming parlours deliver state-of-the-art bingo games with cute graphics and cool themes, which have an intrinsic feel-good factor the moment they launch. Once the gaming action begins, you’ll be rushed into a frantic environment of instant chatting and spinning bingo balls – providing you with the sort of fun that’s usually reserved for excited kids!

Is online bingo expensive?

Web bingo is ultra-affordable. You can bank bingo bonus banks at many leading online gaming parlours and get going for free! Bingo tickets start from as little as 5 pence, delivering hours of fun for pennies.

Does web bingo have any special features?

Bingo gamers can enjoy added benefits of playing the game on the internet. Firstly, games begin every few minutes and are often available 24/7, where ever you have internet access. Other cool bingo features include auto-play options such as auto-daub, allowing the computer to take over your gaming while you chat away or rush for the phone.

Can I win money playing online bingo?

Bingo can pay out some tasty wins, including progressive jackpots from million pound prize pools. However, because it’s a game of skill, you should never expect to win. Most gamers play with a weekly budget such as $10, providing hours of leisure with a small expense. Compared to other leisure options such as the cinema or ‘going-out’, web bingo rocks.

Online Bingo Resource

The prizes start small in online bingo, making them easy to play for.