Omaha Poker Online

Omaha Poker Online

Last checked and updated: April 6, 2015

PokerStars Limit Omaha TableThis is a totally different game to the more popular and more well known online poker game of ‘Texas Holdem Poker’. Omaha Poker, which is more correctly called Omaha Holdem, requires a different mindset to Texas Holdem.

There are many online poker rooms where you can play Omaha now, as the game has grown in popularity quite considerably in recent years.

Why Play Omaha Poker Online?
Many pro poker players make quite a good living from the Omaha tables. It seems that the number of new players who simply cannot play this variation properly never decreases. This is good for players that take the time to learn the game.

Why is it good for Omaha pros?
If you are a grinder, making a living or a steady profit from playing Omaha, then you want to play against lesser-skilled players to increase your odds. But most Omaha players like to play the game simply for the thrill of playing it well, and this means playing against other good players.

So how can it be good for new Omaha Players?
Yes, it looks like we are sending beginner Omaha players like lambs to the slaughter – right into the jaws of the sharks (to mix a metaphor).

Well, if you want to learn this game, you want to learn from the best. But further to that, Omaha Poker is divided into two distinct categories – high limit and low limit. The more experienced players tend to be drawn to the higher limits allowing the new players get to grips with the game at the lower limits.

You can always watch a game at the higher limits without sitting in; you might learn a trick or two.

And what about the middle limits? Well, middle limit players tend to stick to the Texas Holdem Games.

Where to play Omaha
As with a lot of less popular poker games, it can be difficult to find a site that has good traffic for Omaha. Poker Stars is one of the better sites for finding live tables.

Omaha Poker Tip

One tip we are happy to give here is about your starting cards. Remember, in Omaha Poker, though you are dealt four hole cards you can only use two of them to make your hand. Two cards out of four – no more and no less.

Two Cards from your hole cards and three from the community cards on the table. This is very important and is fundamental to Omaha.

If you already know this you might be thinking that it is a bit obvious but you would be surprised by the number of players at the Omaha tables who are confused by this rule.

For some reason this version of hold’em has never really taken off in terms of popularity with online players. It is still the second most popular online game, but comes nowhere near the volume of players that choose to play the Teas variety. The odd thing is that while the popularity of this game remains low, it is one of the most tried games outside of Texas Hold’em. What I mean is, most players, when they get tired of losing at the other game, will automatically try this game out. So while the number of players at these tables is always low and about the same, that hides the stream of new players that come to the tables but only play for a short while before moving on.

This constant stream of new players bring an attendent stream of new money to the tables, most of which is left in the bankrolls of those players that took the time to learn and master this version. That simple fact makes professional Omaha players way more profitable that the more main stream professionals, and without the extra competition that those players have to deal with as part of their play.

For that reason alone this game is worth exploring for those that hope to make a profession out of playing poker online. a little bit of study and effort can bring greater rewards than a like amount of effort at the main version of the game. If you do decide to try it out, try not to be among that above mentioned stream of new players who come to the tables only to drop their bankrolls rapidly and move on to something else.

Omaha Poker Online

Omaha Poker has been growing in popularity among online players, and these days is not so easy to beat