No Limit Poker Online

No Limit Poker Online

Last checked and updated: April 6, 2015

This game must be approached differently than other online poker games. Every time you sit down at a game of no limit poker you risk the possibility of losing your entire stack, or buy-in. Possibly even in just one hand.

Playing limit poker is safer – the limits keep the action at the table somewhat reasonable. You can chase that gut shot draw to the river in the hope of hitting your hand without breaking the bank.

This of course is not an advisable way to play limit hold’em, but a lot of players do it.

When you change to No Limit playing this way could cost you your whole bankroll in just one hand!

So when you approach No Limit you need to carefully consider your bankroll with regard to the table stakes you choose to play.

You must also consider that you will have to risk your entire stack on premium hands – pocket aces in good position, for instance. And that even premium hands do get cracked. So you will lose. Consider how many buy-ins you can afford both financially and emotionally before going broke.

If you consider that pocket aces played aggressively (to get heads up) will win against one other opponent approximately 80% of the time that would mean that on average you will lose two out of ten times.

Of course, averages don’t work that way – you could lose the first five premium hands that you play. If you’ve bought in with your whole poker bankroll then you will be out of the game.

But if you divide your online bankroll by a number, say, twenty, then you will be able to withstand the twists and turns of online poker.

Aside from the financial damage of losing your entire stack, the emotional damage can be quite extreme. Playing with only two or three times the buy in can put undue pressure on you – and your play can suffer accordingly.

Going on tilt because you lost too much cash on one premium hand is a good way of losing even more cash. If you have enough reserves in the bank it can help you stay calm and philosophical – knowing you can wait for the odds to turn in your favor – and that you won’t go broke waiting, is a mark of a professional no limit player.

No Limit is a very different game to limit poker – it can be a great and very profitable game for the prepared player. Just use your head when it comes to bankroll management and avoid playing above your comfort level.

No Limit Holdem Strategy
Volumes have been written about No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Strategy, and many more will be written. This is not a No Limit Holdem Strategy Guide, nor do we claim it to be.

Our one piece of No Limit Holdem Strategy is this – whatever pocket cards you are considering playing, ask yourself this; “Would I go to the river with these cards?”. If the answer is ‘no’, fold.

No Limit Texas Holdem Tips
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No Limit Poker Online

No limit texas holdem is still the most popular form of online poker being played.