Golden Palace Poker

Golden Palace Poker

Last checked and updated: April 6, 2015

We no longer promote Golden Palace Poker.

To be honest, this room did not prove popular with our readers, so we decided to pull our coverage of it.

There is nothing wrong with this room, as far aw we know. It just wasn’t very popular with our readers so we decided to drop it. There are lots of good poker rooms out there on the internet, and we can’t review all of them. So we stick with just reviewing the ones we like. Anyway, we don’t really do very many reviews, we are more concerned with finding poker bonus deals that we like.

We especially like finding good no deposit poker bonuses, so that is what we concentrate on.

Having said that, we do actually review some poker rooms. It’s just not our main objective here.

We also have a growing poker dictionary that we are quite fond of. Although it is incomplete at the moment we have great plans for adding to it eventually.

So, to re-cap, we have nothing against Golden Palace at all. We just think that our time would be better spent in finding good poker bonuses for players to use to make money from playing poker. having said that, this room never really managed to make much of a spalsh in the online poker world.

Bearing all the above in mind, it probably is time that we started adding some new reviews. The poker world has moved on quite a bit since we last wrote one and times have changed now. We do need to keep up.

Ther reason we left this non-review in place is to show that we do sometimes back poker roomos that end up going nowhere. Some of the reviews on this site are here since 2006, when the online poker scene was not at all like it is now. The changes in the poker landscape that we have seen in the intervening eight years have made it seem sometimes that we are talking about a compeltely different world. Leaving this one dead review in place shows that we have occasionally liked a poker room that turned out to be somewhat of a lemon.

Not all the rooms that we like end up actually getting reviewed on here either. For example, some of the staff here have been playing quite a bit at Betfair poker over the years, for one reason or another, and that site never managed to get reviewed, other than the occasional great bonus deals that have come up there from time to time. But a full fledged review has not been written for that room, even though we would have no hesitation in recommending it to any one.

A review of a poker room, a positive review, is a stamp of approval of that site, and we don’t give those out lightly. If you take a recommendation from us we want to be as sure as we can be that you will be happy there, so we are careful about those sites that we do suggest.

It is our belief that this approach is more valuable, though obviously less diverse, than those sites that review every single poker room online, and will tell you that each one is the best there is. That’s fine for other sites to do that, but it is not what we want to do here, and hopefully we will never go that way.

If it should happen that we change our minds (yes, we have a collective mind) and start doing business that way, one sure sign ot that will be the disappearance of this page. This non review then, speaks to our committment to sparse poker site approval!

Golden Palace Poker Golden Palace Poker

Golden Palace Poker - no longer promoted on this site