BetVictor Poker

BetVictor Poker

Last checked and updated: April 23, 2015

BetVictor poker is on the MPN Poker Network, which used to be called the MicroGaming Poker Network.

Then again, BetVictor used to be called VictorChandler.

The MPN network has reasonable traffic but is not one of tyhe busiest poker networks out there.

While the name BetVictor is relatively new, the people behind this site have been in the gambling business for years. Aside from the well known real world chain of bookmakers shops in the United Kingdom, they also operate an online casino, betting site and bingo room.

The poker room is licenced out of Gibraltar, and also holds a UK licence for UK players.

The MPN Network

The MPN, or MicroGaming Poker Network, has been in business for a long time in terms of the internet, and have over two dozen poker rooms that use the software and share the network players.

Due to the shared network traffic, any room using the software will have a reasonably sized player base, and of course the BV room is no different. While BetVictor mainly targets players from the United Kingdom and Ireland, you will find players from almost all over the world when you play in this room. You won’t find players from the U.S.A. here though, as no room on this network currently accepts players from that country.

The BetVictor poker room does not accept players from Spain either.

The MPN Poker software is available in a download version for both Windows and Mac machines.

Bonuses and promotions

This company is great for small bonuses for the beginner player, and that applies to all of their online games sites, not just poker.

For poker players in particular there are almost always good bonuses and deals to be had here. Currently there is a free €10.00 with no deposit needed for players that do not already have an account here, but it is limited in the countries that are allowed to claim it.

The current deposit bonus for new players is for a maximum of $1,000 at 200% deposit match.

Get a deposit bonus of up to $1,000 at 200% deposit match from BetVictor

The bonus cash will be released into your account in 10 even parts, so whatever bonus amount you get will be divided by 10 and paid out in those amounts when you earn enough player poiints.

Player points here are called Action Points and you need to earn 8 of these action points for every $1.00 of bonus cash.

An initial deposit of $100 would then attract a bonus of $200 which would be paid out in increments of $20.00 and the player would need to earn 160 action points to release each $20 part of the bonus.

Do note that you have just 30 days from the day of your first deposit to clear the whole bonus, or you will lose that part that has not been cleared.

Bonus Rating

Players earn these action points by paying rake in cash games or by buying into tournaments. To calculate the value of the deposit bonus we need to look at how much we will spend in rake in order to earn the bonus cash. Player points are earned at a rate of 1 point for every $0.72 paid in rake or tourney fees.

To earn enough points to release the first $20.00 incremental bonus amount from the above example the player would need to pay $115.20 in rake or fees. 8 points for each dollar multiplied by the 20 dollar bonus gives us 160, and that multiplied by $0.72 equals $115.20.

As a percentage then the bonus comes out at 17.36%, or in other words, for every $100 you pay in rake or fees this bonus will get you $17.36 of your own money back.

This bonus therefore has one of the lowest return to player percentage values out there.


BetVictor Poker is a good room for newer or beginner players, with regular bonuses and promotions that are targetted at this type of player.

The lack of a worthwhile bonus actually works in the recreational players favour as it tends to keep the more experienced players away from the site.

BetVictor Poker

BetVictor Poker is a good site for beginner poker players.