About us

About us

Last checked and updated: April 6, 2015

FBNPoker.com is an online poker information portal. As such, we have a number of staff that work out of two offices situated in Europe (Ireland and Spain).

We also have a number of freelancers that work with us and they are based in other parts of the world (mainly Canada and Portugal).

This site has been online since 2006. The people that run it and write for it have been involved in gambling, both online and offline, for many years. We do not strive to be the biggest poker information portal on the web, by any means, but we do strive to provide accurate information on those poker related subjects that we do cover.

That accuracy can be hard to achieve as the poker world can at times be a very fast changing world. We do our very best to keep up to date and ensure that the information here is both correct and true. If you find anything that is not correct or is misleading please do let us know.

Should you need to contact us for any reason you can use the contact form on this page.

Part of the reason for our very existence would be the difficulty of actually getting accurate information from the various poker sites on the internet. It seems that with the growth of online poker, customer service became an unimportant thing. When so many new plaeyrs were flocking to the online game, there was no perceived need to keep those players informed.

We should be gald of this, as, if those rooms did their job properly and made all the information that their plaeyrs want freely and easily available, then there would be no need for sites like ours to even exist at all. But they don’t, so we do.

As said above, it is due to this situation that we exist as a site, and while we do our very best to make sure that everything reported here is accurate, it can be very difficult to get accurate information, especially when two random poker site support operators can give you directly contradictory information concerning what it is you ask them. Yes, that does happen. And it is an all too common occurence in this industry.

We will continue to strive for accurate information distribution on here (!) – if there is anything that we do not cover but you would like to see please let us know via the contact page.

The online world is a fast changing environment. What is true and current today, but be old news tomorrow. Some of the articles on this site are a bit outdated now, and while we are working on that, bear in mind that it was true when we first published it. This is our eighth year in business here on this site so there could be a lot of updating to do. It is the nature of an online site that many posts will be out of date shortly after they are posted. That can’t be helped, but bear it in mind when you come accross them.

About us

About us